image of rabaul city
source: wikimedia commons

Rabaul, real town and port of the Bismarck Archipelago, in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Rabaul is situated on the island of New Britain, upper east of New Guinea, in Papua New Guinea.

The city is arranged on Simpson Harbor, a shielded gulf of Blanche Bay, on the Gazelle Peninsula in the extraordinary north of New Britain, in a region made rich by dynamic volcanoes. Prior to World War II (1939-1945) Rabaul was the biggest European town in the New Guinea district, and the encompassing territory has various European estates. Rabaul was the capital of what was then the Australian-regulated command of New Guinea, however in 1941 the capital was moved to Lae, on the New Guinea territory, due to the risk of volcanic pulverization. Rabaul was nearly annihilated by the emission of two of the nearby volcanoes, Matupi and Vulcan, in May 1937.

After their assault on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese armed force immediately involved Rabaul, making it a noteworthy maritime and air base. Despite the fact that the Allies continually barraged Rabaul and made arrivals somewhere else on New Britain, the town was not reoccupied until after the war.

Rabaul and the remainder of the New Guinea command were then reestablished to Australia as a trust an area of the United Nations. Rabaul again turned into a bustling business focus, regardless of authority vulnerability about whether to revamp the city.