image of bougainville city

Bougainville, island in eastern Papua New Guinea, in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, biggest of the Solomon Islands gathering. Together with Buka Island and other adjacent littler islands it shapes the territory of North Solomons.

Bougainville is lush and sloping; Mount Balbi (2,743 m/8,999 ft), the most elevated pinnacle, is a functioning fountain of liquid magma. Arawa (populace, 1984, 14,900) is the biggest network. From Kieta, the chief harbor, cacao, copra, and copper are traded. Investigated in 1768 by, and later named for, the French pilot Louis Antoine de Bougainville, the island thusly went under German and after that under Australian control.

During World War II it was involved by Japanese powers from March 1942 until February 1943. In 1947 it went under Australian organization as a United Nations trusteeship.

image of Bougainville city

The island has a territory of 9000 square kilometers, and there are a few dynamic, torpid or inert volcanoes which ascend to 2400 m. Mount Bagana in the north focal piece of Bougainville is prominently dynamic, regurgitating smoke that is noticeable numerous kilometers inaccessible. Seismic tremors are visit, yet aim little harm.

Bougainville has one of the world’s biggest copper stores.