Tarawa is an atoll and the capital of the Republic of Kiribati, in the focal Pacific Ocean. It contains North Tarawa, which shares much practically speaking with other, progressively remote islands of the Gilberts gathering; and South Tarawa, which is home to 56,284 individuals starting at 2010 – half of the nation’s complete populace.

The atoll is best referred to by untouchables as the site of the Battle of Tarawa amid World War II.

Tarawa has an enormous tidal pond, 500 square kilometers (193 square miles) in absolute region, and a wide reef. Albeit normally plenteous in fish and shellfish of assorted types, marine assets are being stressed by the huge and developing populace. Dry season is visit, however in ordinary years precipitation is adequate to look after breadfruit, papaya and banana trees just as coconut and pandanus.

North Tarawa comprises of a series of islets from Buariki in the north to Buota in the south. The islets are isolated in spots by wide channels that are best crossed at low tide, and there is a ship administration among Buota and Abatao. Just Buota is associated by street to South Tarawa, through a scaffold.