image of Ngerulmud city
source: wikimedia commons

Ngerulmud is the seat of administration of the Republic of Palau, an island country in the Pacific Ocean. It supplanted Koror City, Palau’s biggest city, as capital in 2006.

The settlement is situated in the territory of Melekeok on Babeldaob, the nation’s biggest island, found 20 kilometers (12 miles) upper east of Koror City and 2 km (1 mile) northwest of Melekeok City.

The past capital of Palau was found temporarily in Koror. The nation’s constitution, confirmed in 1979, guided the Palau National Congress to set up a lasting capital in Babeldaob inside ten years of the constitution’s successful date.

The new capital’s arranging started in 1986, when an agreement for the development of the state house complex was alloted to a Hawaii-based design firm, Architects Hawaii Ltd. (AHL), which had recently structured the legislative hall complex of the Federated States of Micronesia, situated at Palikir. Advancement was moderate, as Palau needed designers and planners, and the greater part of the development materials must be imported.