Christchurch, city in New Zealand, on eastern South Island. It is the key urban and business focal point of a rich farming locale delivering grain and sheep. Christchurch is additionally one of the most significant mechanical focuses in New Zealand.

Christchurch collage
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It has superb transportation offices, a plentiful water supply, and boundless amounts of reasonable hydroelectric power. The main ventures are meat pressing, tanneries, and the production of woolen merchandise, furniture, and transport hardware. Street and rail burrows through the Port Hills associate Christchurch with the adjacent port of Lyttelton.

The University of Canterbury (1873) is situated in Christchurch. Lincoln University (1990; established in 1878 as Canterbury Agricultural College) is close to the city, in Canterbury. Christchurch was established around 1850 by the Canterbury Association, a British colonizing society firmly partnered with the Church of England. It was named after Christ Church College at the University of Oxford, England.

Christchurch aerial view

Christchurch has a calm maritime atmosphere with a mellow summer, cool winter, and standard moderate precipitation. It has mean every day most extreme air temperatures of 22.5 °C (73 °F) in January and 11.3 °C (52 °F) in July.

In winter it is basic for the temperature to fall beneath 0 °C (32 °F) around evening time. There are by and large 80 days of ground ice every year. Snowfalls happen by and large three times each year, despite the fact that in certain years no snowfall is recorded.