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Brisbane, city in eastern Australia, capital of the territory of Queensland, a seaport on the Brisbane River, close Moreton Bay. A dug divert in the Brisbane River makes the city available to oceangoing vessels. Port offices incorporate dry docks and in excess of 3 km (2 mi) of wharf space. Fleece is the central fare. Other driving fares are solidified meat, covers up, sugar, dairy items, corn, pearl shell, and coal. Railroad lines connect the city with every single significant point in Australia and with the encompassing locale, one of the nation’s most profitable agrarian and mining territories.

Brisbane is a significant assembling focus with differentiated ventures, including sustenance handling, tanning, car collecting, preparing, and the production of wood, garments, tobacco items, boots and shoes, and apparatus. A well-arranged region, Brisbane has wide boulevards, various parks, and numerous cutting edge structures. Critical structures incorporate Parliament House, the town lobby, Brisbane Museum, and the structures of the University of Queensland (1910).

image of brisbane city
source: wikimedia commons

Brisbane was established as a station for British convicts in 1824. It was named out of appreciation for the British space expert and head Thomas Brisbane, at that point legislative leader of the neighboring province of New South Wales. Brisbane was opened to free pilgrims in 1842, and in 1859 it turned into the capital of the recently made state of Queensland. A world’s reasonable was held in Brisbane in 1988. Another airplane terminal and numerous new structures were built in anticipation of the reasonable.

Brisbane has a moist subtropical atmosphere with sweltering, wet summers and dry, respectably warm winters. Brisbane encounters a yearly mean least of 16.6 °C (62 °F) and mean limit of 26.6 °C (80 °F).


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