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collage of nicosia city
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Nicosia, city in northern Cyprus, capital of the nation, on the Pedhieos River. Nicosia is primarily a business and regulatory focus and has some little scale fabricating ventures. Items incorporate handled nourishment, attire, materials, and footwear. The city is served by a universal air terminal at Larnaca, around 34 km (around 21 mi) toward the southeast. Selimiye Mosque (1209-1325), once in the past the Cathedral of Saint Sophia, is a significant milestone. Additionally of intrigue are the Cyprus Museum, the Cyprus Historical Museum and Archives, and the Folk Art Museum.

image of nicosia city
source: wikimedia commons

One of the world’s most seasoned urban areas, Nicosia was the focal point of an autonomous kingdom as right on time as the seventh century bc. Referred to in old occasions as Ledra, it went under Byzantine standard in the mid fourth century promotion and went to Guy of Lusignan, the Latin lord of Jerusalem, in 1192. The Lusignan lords held Nicosia until it was caught in 1489 by the Venetians. The city went to the Ottoman Empire in 1571 and to the British in 1878. It was made capital of British-ruled Cyprus in 1925. Nicosia turned into the capital of free Cyprus in 1960. The city has been separated into Turkish and Greek Cypriot zones since the Turkish attack in 1974.