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collage of gyumri city
source: wikimedia commons

Gyumri, city in northwestern Armenia, situated around 90 km (around 50 mi) northwest of the nation’s capital, Yerevan. Gyumri is arranged on the Akhuryan River (a tributary of the Aras River), at a rise of 1402 m (4600 ft) above ocean level. It is the second biggest city in Armenia, after Yerevan, and is all around associated by street and rail. Industrial facilities in Gyumri fabricate materials and bikes, and there are factories preparing lumber from the broad timberlands encompassing the city. Stone quarries for structure materials are worked close by. Situated in a topographically temperamental region, Gyumri was seriously harmed in December 1988 by an incredible seismic tremor that slaughtered a large number of individuals and leveled the greater part of the city’s multistory structures. Gyumri was established in 1840 as Aleksandropol’ and was renamed Leninakan in 1924, after Soviet pioneer Vladimir Lenin. The city’s name was changed to Gyumri in 1991, mirroring the name of an antiquated settlement that once stood close by.